Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

v1.0 (b/w) Online *UPDATE v2*

So finally here it is. The anticipated "Engineers Guide to Drinks" CAD vector version 1.0 (b/w)!
Some time ago I found a pretty bad scan of the original posted on FlowingData, it took some time but eventually I vectorized the whole thing for public use...

I tried to eliminate some of the mistakes from the original version, but if you find more - feel free to leave a comment!

Please note: It took quite some time to do it. I'm also planning on doing a color version in the near future!
So if you like my work (and like to see the color version), go ahead and buy me a cocktail (or coffee ;) , thank you!


  1. This is wonderful - thanks for your hard work!

  2. Thanks from russian engineers, Flo!
    +5 €

  3. Thanks for the great work!
    +5€, and I'm waiting for the colour version ;)

  4. huhu! I'd like to print it :D


  5. I’ve remade this document with exclusively whiskey drinks (since I drink mostly whisky). I have a PDF here:

    Anyone should be able to download it.

  6. Shame that downloading the blueone didn't work. Can you send it to me?

  7. And yeah great job dude. Nice idea and looking good.

  8. Hi, Does any one know about the ability to use this on printed material, such as menus. Is R. J. Dinino around to ask permission? or is this public domain?


  9. not sure if you have come across the original of this dating back to 1974. See